TeleHealth Visit Etiquette


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we would like to highlight some important information from Updox on how to properly utilize your TeleHealth visit with your provider.


During your TeleHealth visit please make the most of the time with your provider. Choose the best setting possible for your visit. The following will help create the best TeleHealth experience:

  • A quiet room with no distractions or background noise
  • A room with good lighting
  • Avoid multi-tasking during your visit
  • Please silence and put away your cell phone
  • Make sure you have everything needed to complete your visit (this may include your most recent vital signs, medication list, etc.)


Video Chat Basics for New Users:

This document explains the key features needed to set up your TeleHealth visit.

Click Here for the Basics


Video Chat FAQs for Patients:

This document includes frequently asked questions by patients to utilize TeleHealth.

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