NEW Chart Access for Patients

Beginning Monday, Oct. 14, Ravalli Family Medicine will be transitioning to a new online patient portal. This will give our  patients easier access to their own medical charts as well as a simple way to communicate with their provider – without playing phone tag.

We strongly encourage you to register yourself for this new service. This is the future of primary care: a way for you to take control of your care by viewing your own chart and communicating easily and effectively with your provider. When you register, it makes it easier for us to provide you with personal, efficient care.

Most patients who have provided their email address will be transitioned to this new portal automatically. You will receive an email from the transition team titled “New Portal Account with Ravalli Family Medicine”. It will contain a temporary username and password you can use to register yourself; you will be prompted to change these immediately after registering.

For patients who are not automatically transitioned, we can always set you up at your request. We will just need your email address, and then you will receive the same registration email.

What’s available to patients on this new portal? There are a variety of advantages to registering.

  1. You can access your own chart. This includes seeing recent and upcoming visits, lab results, and imaging results from x-rays, CTs, and MRIs.
  2. You can grant access to your family members. This way, if there’s someone looking out for you who needs to stay updated on your medical information, they can see your chart too – without having to share your account information.
  3. You can communicate with your provider. The portal allows you to send messages to your provider directly rather than playing phone tag all day. They can send you messages too, so you can learn firsthand exactly what you need to know about any results or follow-up measures.
  4. You can add yourself to an appointment wait list. If you know you need a visit in the future but it’s not urgent, you can let us know when and why you need to be seen and we will fit you in.
  5. You can set up a telehealth visit. If you need a few minutes with your provider and they feel an office visit is not necessary, they can communicate with you over video chat and get all the information they need.

We look forward to communicating with you via this new portal!